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Working with a Neuroplus expert gives you the assurance of working with the top of the field experts. Whether you are seeking to understand your brain type through a QEEG brain map, train your brain with QEEG neurofeedback, do a complete mental makeover with a personalized brain performance plan, we have been at the cutting edge for the last 20 years.

Our comprehensive programs are comprised of 19 electrode QEEG technologies, multimodal biofeedback like heart rate variability, breathing, temperature control, galvanic response and muscle tension, Neuro Nutrition, Neuro Meditation, Neuro Sleep, Neuro Exercises and so much more.
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We aim to offer the most complete and professional service in the fields of neurofeedback and complementary approaches to improve your brain. We offer a truly comprehensive approach based on 20 years of clinical research. 

We offer clinical, organizational and consumer programs that combine quantitative assessments of your brain, neurofeedback training as well as coaching on an individual and group setting. 

We aim to improve the health and efficiency of your brain to help you achieve more with less effort or 'heal' differently. We do not make a diagnosis and should not be seen as a treatment since this is reserved to your doctor’s care. Our evaluations, trainings and coachings enhance and complements your health professional’s work. Our role is to help you feel better fast through a healthier and more efficient brain.

We come to your organization with our QEEG equipment to provide brain assessments and trainings, as well as brain performance coaching, mental health programs, comprehensive brain fitness programs, workshops, mental rehab and so on. Our NeuroPerformance retreats help to achieve life long resilience, better sleep, deeper meditation states, inspirations, decision making qualities, long lasting focus, inner calm and energy.  

We also offer a variety of online activities such as web coaching, e-learning, and webinars.