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Memory loss and Alzheimer

A revolution is in place to prevent and even reverse memory, cognitive and Alzheimer's problems. Debris that slows the electrical activity of the brain can be destroyed and electrical circuits rebuilt. Neuroplus neurotechnologies measure and redevelop the electrical circuits in your brain that have been damaged. The scientific basis is solid and the technique is effective, safe and without side effects.

The Neuroplus solution to reduce memory, cognitive and Alzheimer's related disorders consists of 3 steps: 1) EEGQ evaluation of your brain; 2) neurofeedback training of electrical circuits affecting your mood; 3) coaching to optimize results.

The brain is the fastest aging organ. On the other hand, it can activate its neuroplasticity and regenerate itself. You can erase the signs of aging from the brain in 4 steps:

1. Increase your energy

2. Clean it of its debris

3. Develop your circuits

4. Create new neurons

Your brain can do this at any age. It still seemed unlikely before the Nobel Prize for Medicine, awarded in 1986. Research since then is clear: there are specific actions that rejuvenate the brain. Francine Therrien, Ph.D., is a specialist in neuroplasticity and head of the Neuroplus Anti-Aging program.

This scientific program will help you regain your memory and fight Alzheimer's, cleanse amyloid and Tau protein debris, regain your energy and sleep, manage stress, clarify your thoughts and regain your zest.

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Daily pro-brain share program  





Online group coaching





In-clinic measurement of brain youth using the P300





1-to-1 personalized coaching





Detailed picture of your brain activity (quantitative electroencephalogram EEGQ)





10 brain training sessions in the clinic with 19-electrode EEGQ-3D neurofeedback