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Francine Therrien, Ph.D. Certified Mentor BCIA-EEG

Francine Therrien, Ph.D Certifiee et Mentor BCIA-EEG Directrice clinique Neuroplus Rosemere Quebec

Francine Therrien, Ph.D. Certified BCIA-EEG Mentor is clinical director for Neuroplus inc.

She holds several degrees in health and medical research: B.Sc. in kinesiology, B.Sc. in physical education, Diploma of ergonomics from the University of Michigan, M.Sc. in mind-body and global health and Ph.D. in clinical science from the University of Sherbrooke, N.D. Diploma in naturopathy, Certifications in eeg biofeedback and in heart rate variability, Certification Level 3 in Reconnective Healing. She has trained for the last 20 years in integrative medicine and in anti-aging medicine.  

She has been practicing as a private brain performance coach and measuring her client's brain activity since 2001. QEEGs and brain tailored neurofeedback are part of her assessments and training tools.

Mrs Therrien has developed a vast expertise that includes stress reduction techniques, nutrition, supplements and various technologies that can be tailored to each unique brain.

Her brain based personal enhancement programs are sought after by professionals, business owners, intellectuals, athletes and people from all walks of life.

She collaborates with doctors, psychologists and other professionals with complementary non-drug treatments that help with various cognitive and psychological problems. 

Since 1990, she has been a speaker and a consultant in the fields of health, performance and mental health, as well as a University lecturer on the topics of workplace health and safety, ergonomics and workplace mental health.

Since 2015, she has developed an expertise in neuromeditation. Her programs propose a step by step pathway to fine tune the heart and brain toward deeper states of oneness.

Mrs Therrien's neuromeditation protocols are a neuroscience based guide to experience states of pure well-being and connection.

Neurocreativity is another neuroscience based program developed by Francine. It walks a person through the specific brain states of  the creative process, from brainstorm to inspiration.

She is the author of the book "Rebuild Your Brain… to be in Control of Your Mental Efficiency and Total Psychological Health" (Mento Communications Inc., 2012) and of the conference "Brain Wellness for Work Performance (Optimum OHS, 2004) presented to several thousand workers.