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Managing Depression

image de mains qui changent la tristesse en sourire avec Neuroplus

Let us help you get rid of depression and get a smile on your face

Neuroplus neurotechnologies measure and develop the harmony and electrical power of these circuits to uplift any personality. The technique is scientifically proven to be effective, safe and without side effects. The results are fast and long lasting.

The Neuroplus solution supports and enhances the help and treatments from your doctor or psychologist. As they focus on treating your depression, we can help you manage your depressive symptoms with or without medication. We also help those who seek to prevent a depressive episode or a relapse. Neurofeedback is a stand alone or add on intervention that can increase treatment efficacy of medication, therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy CBT and reduce the side effects of medication. 

The Neuroplus brain training program is done in 3 steps: 1) QEEG evaluation of your brain; 2) 19-electrode neurofeedback training of electrical circuits affecting your mood; 3) brain health coaching to optimize your results.

Neuroplus is also an expert in preventing work absenteeism due to stress and psychological issues. To this end, our experts offer consultations, organizational health strategies, cutting-edge training as well as innovative rehabilitation programs. 

With these corporate brain health interventions, an organization can reduce the number of work loss days due to stress and mental health issues such as depression, burn-out, anxiety, ADHD, sleep problems and addictions to cigarettes, alcohol, marijuana, drugs, pornography, video games and others. Our integrative rehabilitation programs are also the most comprehensive brain based interventions that offer a faster return to work.  


fille qui arrose les fleurs dans son cerveau en relation au traitement naturel de la dépression avec Neuroplus

Research now shows that there are natural, healthy and sustainable ways to regain energy and enthusiasm. Brain imaging shows changes in brain biology using approaches we offer at Neuroplus.

The result is a more harmonious functioning of the brain and body and this leads to better mood, more restful sleep, an improved capacity for focus, more performance at work, better stress management and more harmonious relationships to name but a few.



Cerveau allongé sur le sofa du psychologue faisant référence aux symptômes et au diagnostic de la dépression et du trouble dépressif

Your doctor or licensed psychologist can diagnose a depressive disorder, commonly known as "depression" when you have specific symptoms (described in the DSM-5): your condition must have changed for at least two weeks: you feel more depressed (sad, irritable, feeling of inner emptiness) or you feel a loss of pleasure and interest. Your appetite and / or weight may have changed, your sleep may be affected, you may feel restless or sluggish, tired or low on energy. You may also belittle yourself or feel disproportionately guilty in relation to reality. You may also have difficulty concentrating or making decisions. You may even be thinking about death or suicide. All these symptoms cause you suffering and interfere with your good physical, social or professional functioning.


You can improve your depressive symptoms with various proven approaches. Currently, however, the College of Physicians officially approves only two treatments: antidepressant type drugs and psychotherapy. Given the scientific evidence that supports the effectiveness of neurofeedback and specific physical training programs, your doctor may also decide, if your symptoms are considered not to be harmful to your health, to monitor your condition while you try these procedures.


Neurofeedback illustré à l'aide d'un électroencéphalogramme pour traiter la dépression chez Neuroplus

Our clinic offers the most cutting-edge 19-electrode 3 dimensional neurofeedback , precise to the nearest 1.5 mm. This allows the training of specific electrical circuits of your brain, including the one responsible for mood control. Compared to traditional single-electrode neurofeedback, this neurofeedback is called "Loreta z-score neurofeedback" and trains up to 150 brain parameters at a time, halving the number of sessions required to achieve measurable results. 


Depression can be caused by a multitude of factors, such as difficulty with attention or managing stress, which, in combination with life events, lead to overload. Other causes include a chronic lack of sleep, a difficult or traumatic event, a decrease in the efficiency of the thyroid gland, or disease. In all cases, the best care will be tailor-made to address your unique causes and their effects.

The neurotherapy we offer in our clinic consists of the QEEG measurement of your brain activity followed by a personalized neurofeedback training program. Along with brain health coaching, these are sure to accelerate your return to health. 

To regain your energy and optimism, you may need one or more combined approaches that together improve your brain health quickly and effectively. These may be training programs in neurotherapy-neurofeedback, biofeedback for the management of stress of cardiac coherence or other type, a targeted physical training program for its antidepressant effects, a health strategy aimed at improvement in your sleep, targeted nutrients, thought management strategies, light therapy, as well as neuromeditation.

résultats cliniques du traitement de la dépression majeure avec un programme d'exercice doctorat francine therrien ph.d. Neuroplus

Our expertise in global brain health to counter depression is based on ten years of clinical research and twenty years of professional support. The doctoral thesis of our clinical director, published in 2010, reports its clinical study and positive results in eight weeks, without medication and without psychotherapy (Therrien F. et al., 2010).