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Brain wave executive coaching

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Lead with all of your brain wave power

Learders have to tap into their brain's full capacities as their success depends as much on their intellectual as well as their emotional and intuittive capacities.

To excell, leaders need a clear mind to focus and align all decisions with a detailed game plan. Somethimes though, this can't be done without first calming their stress, worries or frustrations.  

Leaders need to be bright, able to read important information and learn quickly. To do this, their brains must be skilled for concentration and learning.

Facts must be quickly be encoded, processed, analyzed and organized in the larger frame of the business goals and activities.

Because of the high demands placed upon them, leaders need more energy than the regular worker. Because extra energy means an ability to act and react whenever the situation requires the best from them.

The brain builds its energy charge at rest and while sleeping. For these reasons, leaders need to have excellent sleep quality so they can fall asleep quickly and wape up fully energised.This can be achieved through brain tuning, specific routines and neurotech sleep enhancers.

Leaders need a clear mind. The quality of their many decisions must be based on intellectual facts as well as on emotinal decoding and intuition.

Leaders are continually decoding information, deepening their understanding, realigning business goals and destinations.

Because they are team leaders and depend on their team's success, leaders are people skilled. They are able to create strong relationships with their teammates by their presence, reliability and communication skills.

Great leaders motivate their teams to success through their clear communication, enthousiasm and charisma. They need to be good listeners as well as great communicators. Personal control is of great value in all these arenas.

Leaders that are gifted with a balanced brain have a definitive edge with self calm, clear thinking and self control. While this quality can be natural for some, it can definitly be developed with today's neuroscience tools.

The leader's brain constantly needs to be present, efficicient, energised and in contol as everyday situations are diversed and ongoing. Daily activities can go from decoding important information in the midst of presentations and conversations, learning, problem solving, goal setting, decision making and on and on.

Train your brain to lead with performance

The brain can perform with perfect mental activity when brain frequencies are tuned with balance. This can be achieved through neurofeedback training as each brain is different and can be trained better itself.

A perfect brain state can be measured, trained, developed, and become natural, making performance a simple way of being. 

This is a great revolution in neuroscience in recent years. Now you can learn to control your brain waves and open the door to the "zone" on demand. This science is called neurofeedback and brainwave entrainment. And its technologies have evolved tremendously over the past decade.

Today, every millimeter of your brain can be measured in real time. Your expert brain coach can use this information to help you move in a more efficient brain state for the task at hand.

Once you know how to produce the perfect brain harmonics, your brain will reproduce this optimal brain state naturally, helping you achieve more with less effort.

Neurofeedback training rewires your brain by having neurons in a same brain circuit fire together and make new connections. Your brain circuit becomes thicker and more electricity can flow through it as you use it for mental tasks.

Neurofeedback training effects are long lasting. New clinical data shows that adults that train with neurofeedback continue to develop the circuit's abilities after training is done. Thus a year later, their mental skills have improved even more.

At Neuroplus, we have trained leader's brains for more than 20 years. Our brain experts are leaders and innovaters in the field of neurofeedback, neurotechnologies and brain enhancement strategies.

Our work together starts with an in-depth measure of your brain activity with a precision of 1.5 millimeter. Our software maps your brain's activity and measures each of your brain areas performance. 

A brain training program tailored to your specific needs and priorities as a leader is tailor built. We usually get together for brain training twice a week, for 75 min sessions. 

Each training program typically lasts 5 weeks as you build a stronger, happier and more focused you.

The price includes an in-depth assessment of your brain waves, a detailed report, a personalized training plan focused on your leadership goals, 10 trainings of one and a half hours each, all using the most powerful brain technologies in the market and from the most respected experts in the field. Taxes and travel expenses are extra.