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Neuro Leaders are a group of dediated leaders from all walks of life, from business to education and families. They share a same passion to live life to it's fullest by becoming the best possible version of themselves while contributing to a greater good.  

le fonctionnement du cerveau du neuro leader est au coeur des compétences en neuro leadership avec Neuroplus

Neuro Leaders come together to learn and grow their brain capacities. Their goal is to better succeed in their work and life commitments with the help of their outstanding brain.

Through the guidance of our brain experts, they develop mental qualities that include intelligence, intuition, superlearning and decision making.

Because emotions and relationships are at the center of the human experience, Neuro Leaders learn the beautiful skills of presence, attunement, compassion and self control.

Neuro Leaders become exquisitly skillfull at calming their stress, anxieties, worries, fears and frustrations because of their daily routines that develop their brain's circuitry for self control. 

Because they use novel tehniques and neurotechnologies that increase the brain's inner capacities, Neuro Leaders can think more clearly and focus for longer periods before feeling fatigued. They can achieve more while feeling as they are doing less.

Neuro Leaders become equipped to fight stress and aging through specific brain rejuvenation techniques. This helps them rest more quickly, worry less and experience better sleep.  

These mental qualities are enhanced through individualized brain mapping, tailor made brain enhancement programs and team support.

Neuro Leaders have access to empowering neurotechnologies & cutting-edge tools and information from the best neuroscience experts

Some of these tools and techniques include personalized brain mapping, QEEG neurofeedback, heart coherence training, biofeedback self-monitoring, mental stress control strategies, sleep efficiency training, brain nutrition expertise, superfoods and brain supplements, neuro meditation guides, brain entrainment tools including music, vibrations, lights and sounds, and much more.

Knowledge and conscious exercises grow the Neuro Leader's brain circuitry as neurotechnologies measure their outcome.

Leadership forces emerge from within. The Neuro Leader progressively grows the precise neural circuitry that makes a good brain GREAT.  Leading neurotechnologies can actually measure the brain wiring allowing great leadership skills growing larger, producing higher electrical voltage and producing more balanced and harmonious brain wave frequencies. 

science du leadership démontre un cerveau étudié de près
The Neuro Leader looks like a born leader: he's strong and achieves more while doing less.

Stronger brain wiring and increased mental energy lead to enhanced:

  • Intelligence
  • Focus
  • Mental clarity
  • Planning efficiency
  • Charisma
  • Enthusiasm
  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Innovation
  • Decision making
  • Self-control
  • Stress reduction
  • Better sleep
  • Anti-aging  

Neuro Leaders are coached by the best neuroperformance experts. Through their guidance and team support, Neuro Leaders are built from within to succeed gracefully. 

le coeur est au centre du cerveau en référence à un leader qui dirige avec le coeur avec Neuroplus


Neuroscience shows the benefits of leading with humanity and integrity

Neuro Leaders lead with the heart. Through the lense of neuroscience, they learn to understand that unity, harmony and integrity helps every brain and everyone.

Heart-brain unity is real and measurable. When the leader feels at peace and unified in his choices and decisions, his heart beats in harmony and his leadership capacities are multiplied. This can all be measured and trained to perfection with today's neurotech tools.  

Neuro Leaders form a “us-based” community. They meet with their coaches in person or virtually, on a regular basis or for a special event. These moments are particularly insightful as they learn from each other, give and receive support and inspiration.  

How are the activities of the Neuro Leaders group carried out?

1st stage: 10 hours of activities

As a first step, the Neuro Leader must devote ten hours to acquire the Brain Basics essential knowledge and master the tools of his Neurotech suitcase.

Several formats are well suited to this learning experience. Among the most popular are:

  • The 3-day Neuro Leadership camp
  • The ''offsite'' corporate stay which includes Neuro Leadership training over a few days
  • The 5 week webinar series

The cost of the Brain Basics essential knowledge training is $ 900 CAD per person, whether this training is done online or in person. A training travel fee can be added on top of this basic pricing to cover for time and travel of the participants and training experts.

The cost of the Neurotech Suitcase is 1250$ CAD in its full version but smaller suitcases can be prepared on demand at a lower cost.

2nd step: supervised daily practices with group support

Following the Basic training camp, Neuro Leader integrate the neuroperformance practices into their daily lives. Virtual or in person Group meetings are held on a regullar basis and private coaching is available on demand.

Our promise

Neuroleaders inc. is committed to enriching the experience of leaders from all walks of liife through the lense of neuroscience.

Our team of brain experts and integrated years of cutting-edge research to harness the power of neuroscience, neuroperformance, leadership, brain health and wellness.

Our goal is to help each member of the Neuro Leader Community to use this knowledge to lead with ease and humanity.

Our Leaders report to achieve their goals faster, easier, getting more help, feeling less pain and effort, becoming more aware and creative. Their experience translates to greater achievements and personal satisfaction. 

We have become confident that our tools will help you think faster, learn more easily, have more focus, more energy, feel calmer, sleep better, plan with clarity, be inspired, intuitive, innovative and charismatic. And these are just a few of the leadership qualities that you will develop through greater control of your brain-mind and heart.

Welcome to your next step in making your genius shine.

Francine Therrien, Ph.D., Co-Founder and CEO, Neuroleaders inc.